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My name is Carly,

I studied Human Resources at Durham College and am happy to be utilizing the skills I have learned, to assist

Stone RMT with growing the clinic and helping people to rid themselves of unnecessary pain. I hope that I may be of help to you one day in the future, either over the phone, via email, with a quick text message, or to help book you your next appointment.


You can count on me!



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I am a Registered Massage Therapist. I recently graduated from the Massage Therapy program at the Ontario College of Health and Technology. I also earned my Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education in 2017 from Brock University. I have been certified with the National Coaching Certification Program since 2016 for competitive/introductory level coaching. During my time at Brock university I was a volunteer athletic therapist working with the Brock Men’s Rugby Team. I have experience working with athletes as well as the general public of varying age groups. I  grew up in Oshawa playing many sports such as soccer, hockey and rugby. I still play hockey and soccer year-round and enjoy keeping physically fit.

My focus in Massage Therapy, is to educate my patients on health and fitness, and allow them a pain-free living, so they may continue doing the things they love, be that sports or otherwise.



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The truth is, I sort of stumbled across Massage Therapy - in fact, Massage Therapy found me!
It all started when I went cliff-diving in Corfu, Greece in 2008, fracturing my sternum and C5 of my cervical spine. I met a traveling Massage Therapist from the U.S. and he helped me to recover! Now here I am...
To Sum it up...
I am a Goal-Oriented Woman and RMT.
I take pride in everything that I do, because it Matters! 
One of the things that I do, is treat Patients with Massage Therapy for my Profession. I take pride in this, because YOU matter!!

My Goals are simply, to make a difference in this world, however small. However insignificant to the World in its entirety, it will matter greatly to me, to know that I am making a difference. 

My small and faded footprints on this world, are little in the grand scheme of things; but they are one small footprint step, toward the bigger picture "Good Health, Good Living, and Happiness" That is all we can ever ask for out of life!



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