3 Treatement Challenge

A Personalized Plan for Greatly Decreasing Discomfort and Pain

How to Book...

1. Book your 75 min Initial Consult [includes 15 min FREE Assessment]

2. At your initial visit, mention the 3 Treatment Challenge and your RMT will recommend which treatments to book for the following 2 Sessions + time frame, once the initial Assessments are complete.

One-on-One Coaching Can Help You...

Target and ⬇ Tension

During your FIRST SESSION we will be able to Target and manually reduce your tension, locked in the layers of your tissue.

Balance Your Body

SECOND --> THIRD SESSION we begin to even out the tone in your body. Balancing which muscles are tugging + pulling with which ones are weak + being pulled on. Providing Strengthening/Lengthening


Reduce Adhesion

FIRST --> SECOND SESSION, you will see a drastic reduction of that "stickiness" or "stiffness" that inhibits your movement and weighs you down.

Increase Mobility

SECOND --> THIRD SESSION we are improving your Mobility through the reduction of blocking/sticking tension, adhesion, and fascial restrictions in the muscles and surrounding tissues.

Release Triggers

FIRST --> SECOND SESSION we will locate and release Active and Latent Trigger Points in your muscles. Targeting referred pain, headaches, numbness + tingling.

Correct Your Posture

By the THIRD SESSION we are beginning to see improvements with your Posture overall. We begin to discuss how your Posture being corrected is VITAL to your overall health and body function. We begin to discuss how to continue improving your Posture + maintaining it.

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